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Getting Started on Nova88 CryptoSports

Updated: Feb 18

This guide will show you how to get started on Nova88 CryptoSports.



We assume you have the following:

  • USDT cryptocurrency on an exchange (e.g. Binance) or blockchain (e.g. Ethereum)

  • A Metamask wallet

If you do not own crypto or have a Metamask wallet, we recommend you check out the following:

  • Binance - The world's largest crypto exchange

  • Metamask - The crypto wallet for Defi, Web3 Dapps and NFTs


Step 1. Connect wallet

Navigate to (or click on "Play Now" on the top right corner of this page), and connect your wallet to log in/register.

connect button on nova88 cryptosports

Click "Login with Metamask."

login with metamask button on nova88 cryptosports

If this is your first time connecting, a prompt will show to add the AminoX network to Metamask.

Confirm the details:

When confirmed, click "approve"

metamask add network prompt

Also, allow switch network to AminoX

metamask switch network prompt

Next, we will prompt you to connect your wallet. Select your desired wallet, and click "Next"

metamask connect wallet prompt

Click "Connect"

metamask add network prompt, confirmation

For login purposes, you will need to sign our EIP-712 Signature request. This allows us to verify that you are indeed the owner of your wallet.

metamask signature request

Step 2. Deposit (bridge) funds to the AminoX Blockchain

Click "Transfer" on the top left corner

transfer button on nova88 cryptosports

Select "Deposit", "Transfer Network" and "Deposit Amount." Currently, we support BNB (Binance Smart Chain) and TRON. If you deposit greater than or equal to 10 USDT, we will GIVE 1 FREE ACT (used for gas fees on AminoX Chain). Each bet costs around ~0.1 ACT in gas fees, so 1 ACT can be used to place around 10 bets.


If you do not already have USDT in a Metamask wallet, you can alternatively withdraw from Binance directly to the "Destination address". Funds will be transferred to your Metamask wallet address on the AminoX Blockchain.

deposit function on nova88 cyptosports

After clicking submit, confirm the transaction and wait for the bridge process. Funds will take ~5 minutes to process.


If any issues occur, please visit our Discord Server and open a ticket in the # ticket-center channel. We will get to you ASAP.

Step 3. Place Bets

To place a bet, select a market to your liking, input your stake in the bet slip on the right side of the page, then click "Bet."

place bet page on nova88 cryptosports

A Metamask prompt will appear. Click "Confirm" if you want to proceed with the bet.

metamask confirm transaction prompt

Once an event has ended, tickets will take around 15 to 30 minutes to settle, depending on the league. For minor leagues, the settlement time might be > 30 minutes. This is to ensure the event results are correct, before being uploaded to the blockchain where they are immutable and cannot be changed.

Settled tickets can be viewed at the "Bet List" -> "Settled" tab. Below is an example:

settled ticket - won

Step 4. Withdraw funds

So you've won a couple of bets and are ready to withdraw.

Click "Transfer"

transfer button on nova88 cryptosports

Select "Withdrawal"

withdrawal page on nova88 cryptosports

Input your desired network, amount, and recipient address.


  • Remember to double-check your network and address. Funds sent to the wrong destination cannot be recovered.

  • There is a 0.5 USDT fee per withdrawal. Please ensure your balance has enough funds. For example, if your balance is 1000 USDT, the max withdrawal amount is 999.5

Click "Submit" to proceed

withdrawal function in nova88 cryptosports, with values selected

Confirm the transaction in Metamask

metamask confirm transaction prompt

Withdrawal complete! Note that transactions might take a few minutes to finalize.

transfer complete pop up

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