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Referral Event - MORE FREE BETS

I want you for Nova88 CryptoSports!

Invite your friends to our Discord server and get your reward!!

3,000 of N88 (worth 3,000 USDT) will be given in this event!!

Follow the steps below to get free bets

1. Join our Discord server from HERE, or from our website page, it will be great if you follow our Twitter also.

2. Submit your wallet address in the "submit-address" channel.

3. Go to the server panel and click the "Invite People" button.

4. Click the "gear icon" below to extend "Link Settings".

5. Click the button to "Generate a New Link".

6. "Copy" your invite link and send it to your FRIENDS.

To match the minimum request of the referral event, you would need to Invite at least 3 of your friends.

New members should be verified to join our Discord channel to prevent duplicate accounts from getting rewards repeatedly.

If you're new to Nova88 CryptoSports, click HERE to get more info for Discord.

7. You'll get the role of"Invite X" based on your successful invitations.

You'll get different roles with the increase in invitations.

8. React to the message of the corresponding channel for you to claim referral rewards.

(e.g. react message in claim-invited3-giveaway and claim-invited8-giveaway after you got both invited3 and invited8 role.)

** Rewards will be distributed daily at 07:00 (GMT+0).

9. React to the message and go to sleep, the monkeys will send you the rewards once they figure out what Metamask is.

Once you reach the requirement of any rank, you "MUST" go to the corresponding channel and claim your reward. Furthermore, new members have to be verified in order to count as an invite.

Please refer to this instruction to get you and your friends verified.

Enjoy your free bet! Good luck! 🍀

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